Ed and Dee Solomon sitting at their piano in their home at Sodalis Elder Care in Garden Ridge, Texas, August, 2014

Edward Smith Solomon passed from this life on January 4, 2015 at Sodalis Elder Care in Garden Ridge, Texas, just three months after the passing of his wife of 60 years, Delores Joan Solomon. Born to loving parents Edward D. Solomon and Mary Blanche Smith on March 9, 1932, Ed grew up in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, and graduated from High school in 1950. He attended Oklahoma Central University for one semester and entered the US Navy when the Korean War had begun. He was selected to attend the Navy School of Music in Washington D.C., completed his training, and served as a bandsman on several ships including the Admiral’s ship, the heavy cruiser USS St. Paul CA-73 about 1954 and 1955 during the Korean War. He also served as a radar technician during combat missions. When the Korean War ended, he attended Central State University at Edmond, Oklahoma, obtaining his Bachelor's Degree in Music Education in 1956. Subsequently he attended North Texas State University in Denton, TX and where he earned his Master’s Degree in Music Education. During his last year in college, he met the love his life, Delores Joan Lewis when they both performed in a small jazz group, Ed on trumpet and drums, his brother Johnny on sax and Delores as the singer. Ed and “Dee” were married in Colorado Springs, Co. the summer of 1955. The couple enjoyed raising 3 wonderful children: Gregory Lewis Solomon, Deborah Christy Solomon, and Michael Edward Solomon.

Ed was well known as a musician and a band director for over 50 years, Ed taught band, orchestra, and choir in public schools in Oklahoma and Texas for thirty-five years including Eisenhower Junior High School and James Madison High School in San Antonio and New Braunfels Middle School. In addition to public school activities he lectured and taught in various advanced settings, wrote articles and teaching materials for the Instrumentalist Magazine, and composed some 300 titles for student solo and ensemble instrumentalists. His material appears on many state solo and ensemble required music lists.

A charter member of the Texas Association of Music Adjudicators, he officiated as part of judging panels at all levels of Texas music competition for twenty-five years. His own performance groups achieved thirty years of sweepstakes presentations. He served as clinician and guest conductor for numerous school districts throughout the state. His musical venues included both vocal and instrumental arenas and included dance jobs, concert band work, the San Antonio opera chorus, the Mastersingers, rodeo and circus performances, summer music theater, band camps, and twelve years with the San Antonio Municipal Band as player and board member. He was a member of the American Federation of Musicians and the American Society of Composers and Publishers. He was also well known as a composer of over 300 published instrumental solos and ensembles with Southern Music and RBC Music companies in San Antonio, Texas. Upon his retirement from the public school classroom in 1986, he served as a music education consultant and was Artist in Residence in the San Antonio Independent School District. As a private instructor he served in several of the metropolitan schools districts finishing out a long and successful career. Ed also taught private lessons for decades. His music-playing venues included both vocal and instrumental music which included dance band, concert band, circus and rodeo performances, San Antonio Little Theater, the San Antonio Opera, San Antonio Master Singers and many school district band camps.

He had another side of performance that he loved just as much as music! He was a highly respected Magician and the author of over twenty published books about Story Telling Magic. Always creative, he often invented and developed “effects” and props from interesting things he found at stores around Halloween time and local flea markets. He coached many magicians in the San Antonio area and from all over the State of Texas and as a result, built a large and loyal following. Many of his Magic friends came to visit him to learn what he knew about presenting magic tricks. All of his family members and friends loved to listen to him tell his Magical/Musical Stories or his Musical/Magical stories. Ed was a widely read contributor to many magic journals and traveled throughout the United States and the UK presenting his lectures and workshops to other professional magicians. Writing under the pen name of his alter-ego, DeNomolos, Ed published over 25 books and had a long running column in The Linking Ring magazine, the house organ of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Ed was such a prolific writer and his column will continue posthumously with three years’ worth of fresh, pre-written material. He was a member of the Order of Willard in the Texas Association of Magicians. With friends spanning the globe, Ed was honored by the Inner Circle of Bizarre Magick, The International Brotherhood of Magicians, and the Society of American Magicians in San Antonio, the national organization, Society of American Magicians, named the local chapter of the Society of Young Magicians after Ed. Ed was especially pleased to share his talents with kids learning the craft. Active in the I. B. M., I.C.B.M., he is also co-founder of bizarre group known as the Spellbinders. A serious dabbler in the Arcane Arts, he is a lecturer and inventor of things magical while still being a curious skeptic. He has authored fourteen books of presentations for the storyteller.

Performance venues have included each of The Phoenix Gatherings, T.A.O.M. conventions 1994-98 and 2005, the I.C.B.M. Gatherings and the Charles Cameron Memorial Gathering in Scotland. A frequent contributor to the Shadow Digest, Solomon has been published in the Linking Ring and the M.U.M., Smoke and Mirrors, The Altar Flame, Behind The Smoke And Mirrors, AM/PM magazine, Pennsylvania Magazine and some of his early work can be found in Abbott’s NEW TOPS ILLUSIONS, circa 1965, which is still available from your favorite dealer. He is currently writing a monthly column for the LINKING RING called “STORYTELLING IS MAGIC.” Large portions of his crafted materials and ideas can be seen here on his website and on the European site called Dragonskull. He holds the Order of Merlin from the I.B.M. and the Order of Willard from the T.A.O.M. He has also logged over twenty-five years as a member of S.A.M.

He was a loving husband to his wife and a great father to his children. And he was also a great friend and caring family member.

Ed Solomon is survived by his son, Gregory L. Solomon (his wife Kathleen) of Anchorage, Alaska; son, Mike Solomon of Garden Ridge, TX; grandchildren, Audrey Salmon (her husband Gavin), Ben Solomon, Casey Solomon and Jessica Solomon; and Mike Marijanhovitch,; his brother, John D. Solomon (his wife Sheila) of Prescott, AZ. and his cousins, Charlie Beckwith, Carolyn Beckwith Hoyler, Melanie Smith Brockman and their families. Ed’s daughter, Christy Marijanhovitch, preceded her parents in death in 1993.

A Celebration of Life for Ed Solomon will be held a day before his 83rd birthday on March 8, 2015 at 1:30pm at the Episcopal Church of Reconciliation, 8900 Starcrest Drive, San Antonio, TX 78217. (210) 655-2731 http://web.cor-satx.org Save your money for cards and flowers and please support your local music education programs and hire a magician for a special occasion.

I miss my parents, as does the rest of my family, and I know their friends miss them as well. Please help us keep their spirit alive in your heart, and remember them well.

Greg Solomon


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